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Serif Fonts for vinyl lettering, banners or magnetics

Albert Arab Brush Art Brush BadaBoom Balloon Bold Balloon Extra Bold Bible Script Bickley Blacklight Blambot Classic Blizzard Boink Boulevard Brochure Brody Brush 455 Brush 738 Brush Script Buzz Cancun Carl Barks Script Churchward Brush Churchward Brush Italic Comic Sans Comic Sans Bold Commercial Script Diner Discus Medium Dom Bold Dom Casual Dom Diagonal Dom Diagonal Bold Enviro Expo Flash Bold Flash Light Freehand 471 Freehand 575 French Script Gando Gillies Bold Gillies Extra Bold Gillies Light Gillies Shaded Great Vibes Hancock Happy Harlow Italic Honey Light Honey SemiBold Hogarth Script Impress Impulse Jenkins Jester Kaufmann Kids Las Vegas Lucida Handwriting Magic Mistral Monica Monterey Murray Hill Nevison Casual Okay Park Avenue Pepper Phyllis Phyllis Initials Piranesi Italic President Scriba Shelley Allegro Shelley Andante Shelley Volante Slogan Snappy Snell Snell Black Snell Bold Snyder Speed Staccato 555 Staton Stentor Stuyvesant Tekto Tempus Sans Time Script Bold Time Script Light Time Script Medium Vladimir Script
Note: BadaBoom, Balloon Bold, Balloon Extra Bold, Blambot, Boink, Cancun & Scriba are caps only fonts (no lower case). The lower case characters of the 3 Shelley fonts are identical. The difference is only in the caps. Carl Barks Script, Snyder Speed & Staton are small cap fonts. All of the Snell fonts have very thin elements & are not suited for small lettering. Bickley Script & Monica are both very fine fonts & not well suited for smaller sizes. You may ask to have these thin fonts beefed up a bit to make the strokes a bit thicker. Any font such as Brush Script or Commercial Script will have the letters welded where they connect unless specified otherwise.

Serifed   |  Sans-Serif  |   Decorative  |  Calligraphic & Black Letter

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