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Serif Fonts for vinyl lettering, banners or magnetics

Abaddon Algerian Anna Arnold Boecklin Arriba Arriba Artistik Ashley Crawford Attic Antique Bauhaus Heavy Bauhaus Medium Bee's Knees Blippo Black Bremen Black Bremen Bold Broadway Broadway Engraved Buxom Cancun Candice Cargo Caslon Openface Charlesworth Charlesworth Bold Chisel Coliseum Davida Bold Deco Roman De Vinne Dex Gothic Dextor Dextor Small Caps Dextor Black Dextor Black Small Caps Dextor Outline Eckmann Eras Contour Flamenco Futura Black Galaxy Galleria Gill Kayo Glacier Glacier Italic Glaser Stencil Greeting Monotone Hoffman Horndon Isabella Jazz Lithograph Lithograph Bold Magneto Mandarin Mandarin Small Caps Mazama Metropolitaines Milano Mister Earl Mona Lisa Recut Mona Lisa Solid Motter Femina Old Towne Oz Handicraft Papyrus Papyrus- Special Caps Parisian Pioneer Playbill Plaza Regular Primitive P.T. Barnum Pump Tri Quartz Bold Quicksilver Raphael Revue Rope Serpentine Bold Serpentine Bold Italic Skidoos Slipstream Snow Cap Sonic Cut Thru Sonic X Bold Stencil Stilla Stone Age Stop Tango Tintoretto Umbra Verve Verve Shadow Victorian Vineta Zinjaro Zirkus Zirkus Compressed Zirkus Small Caps
Note: The fonts Anna, Ashley Crawford, Bremen Black, Bremen Bold, Buxom, Cancun, Charlesworth (both), Davida Bold, Dex Gothic, Dextor, Dextor Black, Dextor Outline, Galleria, Glacier, Glacier Italic, Glaser Stencil, Horndon, Lithograph, Lithograph Bold, Mandarin, Metropolitanes, Pioneer, Plaza Regular, Quartz Bold, Quicksilver, Sonic (both), Stencil, Stone Age, Stop, Umbra, Zinjaro, Zirkus & Zirkus Compressed are all caps only (no lower case). The font Mazama is all caps as well- however several of the characters in the font have a swash version available (note the difference between the first "M" & the 2nd "M"). Bee's Knees is a small caps font. Papyrus has a serrated edge, & additional oversized caps that are unique. Primitive has an irregular edge. Verve is an all caps font however most of the caps are swash characters. Many of the fonts shown here have fine details (i.e.: Arriba Arriba, Caslon Openface, Jazz, Milano, Quicksilver, Rope, Slipstream, Zinjaro) & may carry an upcharge depending on the height. Because of the detail, they are also not able to be cut at the smaller sizes.

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