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What grade vinyl?
If the sign you have in mind is to be of a permanent nature, premium grade vinyl is recommended. This includes truck lettering, store windows or any sign that is to be used outdoors for an extended period.

If your sign is to be short-term, intermediate vinyl will do just fine. These include job site signs, political signs, vinyl banners, sale signs, graduation or birth announcements, Tyvek or Coroplast signs, etc. Intermediate grade vinyl has improved tremendously over the last few years.

Lettering on glass-
Store windows are prime areas for vinyl lettering- both permanent and temporary. It must be remembered that glass, when viewed from the street, appears very dark- almost black. Even more so if the glass is tinted. For this reason, the vinyl lettering color selected should be light. White has the best contrast, but other choices might be metallic silver, ivory, or yellow. An outline around the vinyl lettering really helps it to "pop", but will increase the overall cost.
Outlines and shadows-
Since same color outlines or shadows are cut from the same roll of vinyl as the lettering, the upcharge is less than having that line in two different colors. Second color outlines or shadows are supplied as a separate element, & include registration marks which makes it very easy to get both into perfect alignment.
Text Arcing-
Text arcing is the most misused of the effects done to vinyl lettering. It should never be done without something to fill the void. In other words, it should arch over something (i.e.: a phone number or graphic). The greater the arc, the harder it is to read at a glance. It is usually not recommended for script or italicized lettering.
Logos and Clip Art-
Got a logo you'd like to add to the design? It should be in EPS or AI vector file formats. We can sometimes recreate your logo from a quality bitmap image, but converting it to vector (necessary in order to cut) will incur an extra charge. Vinyl clip art can be a nice touch but it can also ruin a layout if it looks like it was added as an afterthought. Finding good quality vectorized clip-art isn't an easy task.
If you don't like forms, just send us a short email describing what you're looking for.

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