Bodega Sans Font as used at Kmart Store

It was at a local Kmart that the distinctive typestyle they were using for their aisle markers and other signage around the store caught my eye.   It was beautiful.  I had to find the name of it!  But I found it was only at THAT Kmart- others in the area didn’t use it.

I’ve tried several times since that initial sighting to find the name of the font.  I’d go to various font sites and type in different combinations of condensed, sans-serif, deco, vintage, narrow, compressed, etc. but to no avail.  Recently I tried something different.  I went to Google Images and typed in kmart interior, kmart signage, kmart aisle marker

kmart-font sample

Font in all caps used above the doors at a K-Mart store

Finally, I found a picture of the front of a K-Mart in another state with the words, “GROCERY & FRESH MARKET” above the doors.  This was the font I had been searching for!

I found the name of the font family is Bodega Sans and was designed by Greg Thompson in 1990. It’s available in several different weights.  You might want to consider using it for your next project.  Here are examples:


Bodega Sans font - samples in different weights

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